Emergency dental appointments available during covid19 restrictions

Victoria is currently under Level 4 restrictions to reduce the spread of COVID19 in the community.

Verdant Dental (Keilor Road Niddrie) and Elation Dental (Bayswater Road, Croydon South) are both OPEN for urgent and emergency dental care.

If you’re more than 5km from us, you are permitted to travel to us for required dental care if you have a confirmed appointment.


Emergency Dental treatments cover toothaches, pains, infections, swellings. abscesses, broken teeth and fillings

We can do treatments that do not generate aerosols, including

  • Examinations and consultations. We can examine you and provide advice on all dental treatment. Dental xrays are frequently used in emergency and regular dental appointments, so we can diagnose your problems. We also use photography to show and explain your issues.
  • Treatment of gum infections (not using ultrasonic scalers). We treat gum infections using regular hand tools, using anaesthetic if required.
  • You may require tooth extractions for urgent pain relief. Some very infected teeth require antibiotics to reduce infection prior to extractions. Extractions that may require minor surgery must be referred to oral surgeons. We can also prescribe pain relief and antibiotics if appropriate, and reschedule your extraction later.
  • Prescribing painkillers and antibiotics for infections if required.
  • Check and advise on ulcers, swellings, lumps and other problems affecting “soft tissues” in and around your mouth

We can provide limited treatments that do generate aerosols, for example

  • Acute or sudden dental pain? If you have a large cavity, we may need to relieve your pain by performing emergency root canal treatment, or emergency fillings – providing we are able to use a rubber dam. This is a thin sheet of rubber designed to minimise aerosols. Think of it as a mini mask for your tooth!
  • Fixing damaged your upper front teeth – maybe an accident or falls has caused something to break. We can fix these problems, again with use of a rubber dam.
  • Dental problems at risk of escalating if not treated. An example may be wisdom teeth causing pains, or crowns which have come off. We can examine and assess your problem, and then decide if urgent treatment is justified.
  • Are you immunocompromised? Your overall health can be at risk if dental issues get worse. We are able to assess your needs and provide dental care accordingly.
  • Has your doctor or surgeon advised you to have your teeth checked and fixed? We can provide a dental fitness certificate prior to major surgery (eg heart operations) or starting some osteoporosis medications.This is an essential service we continue to provide during lockdown.

Dental treatment which is currently being delayed

All routine care is currently being deferred. When lockdown has ended, we look forward to helping our patients keep beautiful healthy smiles! This usually starts with a thorough dental exam and clean, and can be enhanced with whitening, bleaching, and even veneers!

We are contacting our patients to reschedule regular appointments from October 2020.

Dental care for COVID19 confirmed or suspected patients

If you have close contact to a COVID19 case, or are confirmed COVID19, we are able to refer you to a dental clinic which is able to see you. In addition, the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne operate a COVID19 clinic – contact them on (03) 9341 1000 .


We are offering an SMS service for you to contact us during lockdown

SMS us anytime on 0402 968 183 with your name & a description of your problem. We’ll reply to your SMS and organise an appointment!

You can also call us on 9725 2029 – please leave a message if we don’t answer immediately, or SMS 0402 968 183 to ensure a response.