Verdant Dental Niddrie

We are friendly, experienced and compassionate dentists. We are available to discuss and help fix any dental emergencies and problems you may have.

We are a COVIDsafe dental clinic. Please note that screening requirements are subject to change and ongoing improvement.

Our team are here to help!

We are a preferred provider for HCF.

We are a Smile provider for

  • Australian Unity
  • Peoplecare
  • frank health insurance
  • healthcare insurance
  • myown health insurance
  • AIA Health insurance

We also accept all other health funds with dental extrasm, with HICAPs available to claim your benefit.


Emergency dental consultations

Your care starts with an emergency dental consultation (from $65). We assess your general health including relevant medications, operations and past dental work before investigating and diagnosing the source of your problem.

Dental x-rays are required for investigating dental issues and are $50.

Dental Fillings

If you've broken a tooth or lost a filling, and the tooth foundations & nerve is healthy we are usually able to fill them on the same day.

Dental fillings start at $185 - please ask for a more accurate estimate once your consultation is complete.

Please note - very badly broken teeth may require root canals, crowns, or even extraction. That's why a consultation is required as it needs to be assessed directly.

Tooth infections and abscesses

A painful tooth can sometimes have a swelling associated with it. This is often an abscess - an infection linked to a very badly decayed tooth.

You may require emergency root canal treatment or extraction to address the infection. Antibiotics may be required in addition.

Tooth extractions

Severely decayed, infected or loose teeth may require extraction. If a large infection is already present, we may need to prescribe you antibiotics to reduce the infection prior to planning the extraction.  In addition, we may require a jaw xray to assess difficulty, as well as facial and jaw nerves.

Extraction fees start at $195, surgical extractions from $295. In some cases, we may assess your extraction as being particularly difficult requiring referral to an oral surgeon.

Emergency root canal

If you wish to save a painful or infected teeth, we can see if your case is suitable for an emergency root canal treatment.

This process can reduce infection, inflammation and pain due to an infected tooth nerve. Not all teeth are suitable for this treatment - we will assess for you on the day.

Fees for an emergency root canal procedure varies depends on the particular tooth, and usually starts at $295.

General and cosmetic procedures

We are a general dental clinic, providing services such as scale and cleans, whitening, crowns, bridges and veneers in addition to our emergency care.

We also have an on-site dental prosthetist who can create and repair false teeth (dentures and dental prosthetics)

We are directly opposite the 7-11 - Enter the glass door on the corner (to the right of the Bendigo Bank) and go up one floor (stairs or elevator). We are the first suite on Level 1.

For a video showing you how easy it is to find Verdant Dental at the corner of Keilor Road and Hoffman's Road - click below!

You can contact us via phone or SMS!

Call 9379 3736 during business hours.

You can SMS us anytime at 0434 881 479

Address: Suite 1, Level 1, 326 Keilor Road, Niddrie VIC 3042